Simply Good Solutions is Risk Free

Program Components - NO Investment. No Shrink. No Labor.

WE INVEST: Inventory on consignment - Simply Good owns the inventory until the consumer sale. No up-front investment. You don't have to buy product. Your COG is recorded after your sale. You don't have to merchandise.
WE MANAGE: Our systems auto-replenish what sells. No need for you to spend your time doing orders. With our monthly merchandising, you eliminate all labor.
YOU PROFIT: Our merchandised and managed programs will give you strong revenue, high profit, and a hassle free program.

Eyewear Essentials - Bi-weekly Merchandising

We Solve This Problem


  • Retail Price: $6.99 each. Or 2 for $12.
  • 45% off Retail Price
  • 2 spinners per store
  • Sunglasses on 3 sides with polarized and children's sunglasses. Readers on 1 side.
  • Mostly Foster Grant styles (Closeouts & Overstock)

Sell 25-40 units Per Week

Today's Essentials including Tree Free Greeting Cards

We've designed an efficient display program that maximizes $$ per square foot. Your racks are filled with our best-selling and in-demand daily-use products. With monthly merchandising service. On SBT.

2-Sided Grid Wire Display

Today's Essentials Program

  • Nail Clippers
  • First Aid Kits
  • Sewing Notions
  • Lint Rollers - 3 Roll
  • Glue Guns
  • Umbrellas
  • Ponchos
  • Masks
  • Playing Cards with Dice
  • ABC Pop Toys
  • Sidewalk Chalks
  • Drink Straws
  • Birthday Candles
  • Food Clips

Mobile Essentials

  • Car Chargers
  • Wall Chargers - Dual USB
  • Non-MFI Lightning 4-10ft Charging Cables
  • Micro Charging Cables
  • C-Type - 4-10ft Charging Cables
  • 2-1 Lightning Charge/Aux Cables
  • Wired Earbuds w/ Mic
  • Purple Bluetooth Earbuds
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Kids Headphones

Battery Essentials

Product Assortment


  • AAA (10 Pack):
  • AA (10 Pack):
  • AAA (4 Pack):
  • AA (4 Pack):
  • AAA+AA (8 Combo Pack):
  • C (2 Pack):
  • D (2 Pack):
  • Lithium Coin (6 Pack):
  • 9 Volt (1 Pack):


  • 5.99
  • 6.99
  • 3.99
  • 4.99
  • 6.99
  • 4.99
  • 5.99
  • 3.99
  • 4.49

45% Discount off Retail

On POS, Simply Good Solutions owns the inventory, and shrink is covered in our price.

Tree Free Greeting Card Program

We've created an efficient display program that maximizes $$ per square foot. Your racks are filled with our best-selling designs with service 12x a year.

  • Bring in more customers, and drive up basket count.
  • From install to merchandising, we do all the work.
  • On Consignment. We own the shrink. No risk to Goodwill.
  • Program generates $1400 sales per square foot (on average).
  • Eco-Friendly, truly sustainable greeting card line.

"I did not think the cards would sell as well as they do. I'm shocked at how well the cards are selling. The spinners look professional in the store and present well to our customers." - Tiffani Anderson, Goodwill New Mexico

5 Store Test Proposal on POS

Goodwill regions are focused on donated goods, and many mission-driven programs. Simply Good Solutions will support your focus on Donated Goods and mission-driven programs, by handling all aspects of New Goods sales.

2 Tree Free Spinners Per Store

2 Eyewear Spinners Per Store

1 Today's Essential Fixture Per Store

1 Jewelry Display Per Store

Our Simply Good Solutions program provides regular merchandising for products.

We do all the work, set up and service.

May we begin a test in 5 stores?

Contact: Scott Iseman

VP Business Development, Simply Good Solutions


Ph: (585) 730-1730

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